Cubes and Star Crochet Rag Rug Pattern

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From your starter loop, single crochet 3, chain one, single crochet 3, chain one, single crochet 3, chain one, single crochet 3, chain one so that you have four "sides" of 3 SC each. Slip stitch the row closed and Chain up one to begin the next row. In the next row, SC into each SC from the row below.

Top Tech Tips – the perfect crochet circle

When you reach the "end" or "corner", SC 1, chain one to form the turn and SC 1 to begin the next side; then, repeat for the remaining three sides. The effect is to increase each side by two SC each round. Continue until you have a SC square of the size you wish your completed box bottom to be. Form the sides by eliminating the extra two SC and chain at the corners.

Do this till turn the sides up. If the sides seem a bit too splayed out, decrease at the corners. Stiffen your box with either liquid starch. Some artisans use wallpaper glue. Use a stiff plastic or cardboard form to help hold the box in shape as it dries if necessary. I don't have any of the "stiffeners.

An alternative to stiffners is to crochet around a core. It is similar to basket making, where material is wrapped around a more solid or larger cane. Use a cotton yarn, paracord, or even a double strand of yarn as the core. Crochet around this material so that it forms a horizontal strand wrapped by crochet stitches. Avoid pulling the core too tight, as that will result in a warped surface on the next row.

Sugar stiffening is most effective on cotton fibers, but will lose its shape if it gets wet.

It also requires blocking - forming the item to the desired shape before allowing it to dry. Yes No.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. If you mean taking off the corners so it will become oval instead of square, all you need to do is learn to decrease your stitches. In most cases, this is done by making a stitch, but not pulling the last loop through your starting loop, and then starting the next stitch and finishing the both of them together. That way, the two stitches you start with will be under the single loop you ended the new stitch with. Do this at the beginning and the end of every line. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Things You'll Need Crochet hooks. Everyone else can benefit from frequently resting your hands when crocheting rag rugs.

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There is enough of a stitch pattern to keep the crocheting interesting, but it's an easy design overall. The rug is super colorful when made as designed with batik fabric, but you can use any color fabric you want to create a rug of your liking. The first step is making the fabric and this pattern provides some additional instructions for making fabric strips and sewing them together. The pattern is for a single crochet rug worked in a rectangle that you can easily adapt to any size rug you want to make.

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There is an attractive fringe at the edges, which makes the rug a bit more eye-catching. Don't throw away old t-shirts!

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  • This rectangular single crochet rug is made from a t-shirt. It's a creative way to recycle old t-shirts. This rug from is another single crochet rag rug but this one is worked in the round. It creates a rug with a more organic shape.

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    You could use any basic crochet circle pattern to make your own rag rug. Create something beautiful with this pattern. It is perfect for use with t-shirt yarn as designed but can be worked with any fabric that you have. You can also use other doily patterns worked with larger hooks and yarn to create rugs. The result is a really unique rug. In this pattern, the rug is made from old t-shirts and sheets. The small rug 16 inches x 19 inches is worked in the round to create a rectangular shape. You could make the rug larger by continuing to work the pattern.

    Each rag rug is going to turn out slightly different, depending on the materials you use and your own unique way of crocheting.

    The Materials

    One common problem with rag rugs is that sometimes they just don't lie flat. You often have to improvise a bit with your increasing to make them work out. If your rug does end up getting a bit distorted, you can try blocking it to see if that will fix the problem.