Early Pease - Heroes, Hoodlums & Lost History of the Pease Family

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Mansfield A resident of New Haven and Middletown, Joseph Mansfield rose to the rank of brigadier general in the Union army before losing his life at the Battle of Antietam. Mary B. The Amistad After slaves revolted and took control of the Amistad in , Americans captured the ship off Long Island and imprisoned the slaves in New Haven. Drawing on the Connecticut Landscape: Benjamin Hutchins Coe Teaches Americans the Democratic Art Benjamin Hutchins Coe, born in Hartford, helped teach Americans how to draw through the publication of numerous art manuals, many of which focused on Connecticut-inspired landscapes.

Lee… Read. His invention… Read.

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The Rise of the Black Panther Party in Connecticut As they did nationally, the Black Panther Party in Connecticut fought for an end to discriminatory legal and regulatory practices, often clashing with authorities to achieve their goals. David Humphreys, Soldier, Statesman, and Agricultural Innovator Despite an accomplished political career, this Derby-born gentleman of means is best remembered for introducing Merino sheep to North America. Putting History on the Map While maps serve a utilitarian function at the time of their production, years later they become snapshots in time as displays of the personal and collective memories of those who designed them.

Silas Brooks, Balloonist This Connecticut native earned fame as a crowd-pleasing musician, showman, and aeronaut.

Where Mr. Twain and Mrs. Modernism in Connecticut through Photographs A creed as much as a style, Modernism rejected the forms of the past in favor of an architecture that reflected a new spirit of living. Homer D. Stagecoach Sustained Commerce and Communication in s In its early 19th-century heyday, stagecoach travel was a large-scale enterprise and a source of livelihood for many state residents.

New… Read. The Thimble Islands — Little Islands with a Big History While initially uninhabited because of their rocky soil, the Thimble Islands in Branford evolved into both a popular tourist destination and an exclusive residential community. Somers School of the Prophets Informal institutions of theological training, called schools of the prophets,… Read. Emile Gauvreau and the Era of Tabloid Journalism Emile Gauvreau, former managing editor of the Hartford Courant, became a pioneer in the rise of tabloid journalism.

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Foot Ball Match: Harvard vs. The Connecticut Poll Tax The Connecticut poll tax lasted for almost years and encompassed four different variants.

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The Free Consent of the People: Thomas Hooker and the Fundamental Orders Government formed with the consent of the people was a radical idea in the age of nations ruled by monarchs, emperors, and tsars. Connecticut Pocketknife Firms Connecticut pocketknife production began around Henry Barnard Advances State and National Education Initiatives This 19th-century reformer sought to promote harmonious social and civic behavior by revamping the US school system. The Astronomical Event of the Century Church bells chimed and factory whistles blew and automobiles, trains, and trolleys throughout the state came to a standstill.

The Revolution of The Connecticut gubernatorial election of transferred power from the Federalists to the Republican Party, bringing an end to life dominated by the Congregational Church. Connecticut Pin Makers For the latter half of the 19th century and for much of the 20th, Connecticut led the nation in pin production. The Great Atlantic Hurricane Hits Connecticut Applying lessons learned from the Hurricane of , Connecticut made extensive preparations before the arrival of a similar storm in Carl Sandburg, Poet from the Grassroots, Reaches Connecticut Audiences Popular poet, singer, and activist Carl Sandburg had numerous connections to Connecticut and promoted social reform throughout the state in the early 20th century.

Rock and Roll vs. Blizzard of Devastates State An unexpected and deadly March storm, stretching from Washington, DC, to the Canadian border, buried Connecticut in as much as 50 inches of snow. Site Lines: Fortresses of Faith, Agents of Change Black churches, including the earliest ones in Connecticut, have long been at the forefront in the battle for social progress and equality.

Women and Defense: World War II on the Connecticut Home Front Women who stepped into civil defense positions managed and implemented programs that educated the public, promoted war bond sales, and aided emergency preparedness. Taking on the State: Griswold v. Vietnam Protests in Connecticut Opposition to the war in Vietnam manifested itself in Connecticut in many of the same ways it did across the country. The Ulysses S. The Shoe Box Murder Mystery On the morning of August 8, , on a walk through the Parker farm district of Wallingford, Edward Terrill and his dog uncovered what appeared to be a box of a dozen shoes that had recently fallen from a cart.

Rails and Paper Trails From the first tracks laid in to a system… Read. Steam Railroads Transform Connecticut Travel and Commerce In , the state chartered its first railroad and ushered in a new age of fast, and sometimes dangerous, regional transportation. The Northern Student Movement The Northern Student Movement motivated college students to contribute their energies to important social causes such as literacy and civil rights. Lydia Sherman: The Derby Poisoner Lydia Sherman confessed to killing three husbands and four children, but it is believed that the total number of her victims may be much higher.

North and South: The Legacy of Eli Whitney After studying to become a lawyer, Eli Whitney actually helped further American industrial production methods through his numerous clever inventions. Reverend James Pennington: A Voice for Freedom Having escaped from slavery in Maryland, this accomplished pastor, publisher, and freedom fighter challenged racism wherever he found it, even within the ranks of the abolitionist movement and the ministry. Connecticut and the West Indies: Sugar Spurs Trans-Atlantic Trade This profitable exchange brought wealth and sought-after goods to the state but came at the price of supporting slavery in the bargain.

Catherine Roraback Catherine G. Roraback A lawyer who successfully tried a… Read. Rising Tide: Steamboat Workers on the Connecticut River For the deck hands, stevedores, and firemen who made the steamboats of the Hartford Line run, hour days, dangerous conditions, and lousy food were the norm. The Importance of Being Puritan: Church and State in Colonial Connecticut In the sixteenth century, Connecticut Protestants wanted to cleanse the church of what they saw as corruption, and to return to the simplicity and purity of early Christian worship.

Oystering in Connecticut, from Colonial Times to the 21st Century Why tasty Crassostrea virginica deserves its honored title as state shellfish. A Night to Remember: When the Steamboat Took on the Railroad—and Lost A case of mistaken identity causes a vessel to crash into a bridge and results in new a rule for marking safe passage with red lights.

Selling Connecticut Products Abroad In the mids manufacturers from cities and towns across the state found new overseas markets for everything from clocks and firearms to lawn mowers and machetes.

The Surprising Prevalence of Earthquake Activity in Connecticut Connecticut has experienced thousands of earthquakes since European settled the area. Overland Travel in Connecticut, from Footpaths to Interstates By overcoming the limitation of distance, transportation makes possible the many economic and social interactions that allow a community, a people, an entire culture, to thrive Read. Charles Goodyear and the Vulcanization of Rubber Obsessive dedication transformed rubber into a viable commercial material and made the town of Naugatuck one of its leading manufacturing sites in the s.

Connecticut in the French and Indian War Connecticut troops sustained demoralizing losses before a reinvigorated British military turned the tide of the French and Indian War. Pomp and Circumstance: Civil War Commemoration The completion of the Forlorn Soldier did not meet with the pomp and circumstance of many other CIvil War commemorations, despite its media coverage and an overflowing sense of nationalism among the general public.

Early 20th-Century Immigration in Connecticut Immigration to Connecticut in the early 20th century continued much… Read. Imagining Connecticut Who are we? What traditions and accomplishments define us as… Read. Suburban Development in Litchfield County Few other states felt the lure of the suburbs as… Read. A Beautiful and Goodly Tree: The Rise and Fall of the American Elm Almost every Connecticut town of any size has an Elm Street, named for the popular trees that grew in abundance until a fungal infestation greatly diminished their numbers.

Food and Drink The story of food and drink in Connecticut is one… Read. The 29th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Flag and Display Regimental flags played important symbolic and strategic roles in battle. John Winthrop Jr.

Born… Read. Dedication ConnecticutHistory. Social Movements Throughout state history everyday people have banded together on local… Read. Health and Medicine Connecticut issued its first medical license in and, by… Read. Bethany The town of Bethany is located in the south central… Read. Andover to Woodstock: How Connecticut Ended Up with Towns Religious mandates, the difficulties of colonial-era travel, and industrialization are a few of the forces that gave rise to the proliferation of towns in our state.

Sports and Recreation Connecticut has traditionally offered a diverse array of sports and… Read. More Page 1 of 1 1.

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The publisher's blurb reads: 'A magical timeslip adventure set in Scotland of the s and present-day Sydney. Sophie discovers a golden locket in an old treasure box that belonged to her grandmother's grandmother. When she falls asleep wearing the locket, she magically travels back in time to to learn the truth about the mysterious Charlotte Mackenzie.

Daughter of a wealthy Scottish laird, Charlotte and her sister Nell live a wonderful life with their parents and animals, on a misty island with its own ruined castle.