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She sometimes signed her paintings with her married name "Mann". Her renderings were always done with great precision, capturing every nuance of a subject in an almost photo-realist technique.

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The Pin-up Files is a free site - please help support our work with a small donation via PayPal. Toggle navigation. Pearl Frush pin-up artist As one of the top three women pin-up artists in the calendar art market at mid-century, Pearl Frush readily commanded the respect of the art directors, publishers, sales managers, and printers with whom she worked.

Pearl Frush Gallery. Title: Always Ready Date: May Title: Miss Rio Date: August Title: A Shoe-In Date: Date: Notes: Aquatour series.

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Likewise, the similarities between the practices a casino owner and developers like King make, are in the same vein. Both articles share my thoughts on the potentially addictive nature that King has pushed into their Candy Crush games. If you complete a level, your remaining moves turn into power ups that cause excitement and havoc in front of you. You are given this very mild sense of satisfaction. To keep you going for longer, they dangle more small rewards in front of you. In Candy Crush Friends Saga, this includes new characters to play as, new costumes, or big rewards for getting to the end of a trail of levels.

This is true, but King, and many other developers like them, slowly start to make winning less predictable and ultimately more difficult as you progress through their games. Alternatively, you can spend money to get extra power-ups to get past the levels with ease.

First Frush Bob Newman

The trouble with this whole system is that King expertly tie their gamification into their monetization. By this I mean they expect you to get mildly attached to the wins and rewards that get thrown your way, and then they just nudge them ever so slightly out of reach. And by ever so slightly, I really mean it. This feeling incites frustration in the player and it spurs them to keep playing.

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This study shows how the same near miss feeling in Candy Crush gives off a very similar effect. Yet, there are no regulations on casual games like Candy Crush.

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To me, the potential for addiction seems just as strong. Gambling regulation is a very serious thing, especially in the UK.

First Frush Bob Newman

Developers like King should also be held responsible and should give players tools to turn off transactions, limit them, or provide informative details about how much they are spending. This is obviously a bigger beast than any one of us can solve independently, but the good news is that we are seeing some progress.

Last year, Star Wars Battlefront 2 got a lot of bad press for pushing similar microtransaction practices. It brought about a discussion similar to this that argues that there should be regulations on such items in video games. For Candy Crush, to me, it feels like the entire game is based around trying to coerce you into spending money. In fact, their recent purchase of analytics firm Omniata suggests that King will go very far to entice players to spend money.