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Try our coconut oil-free three-ingredient whipped organic chocolate body butter. Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, which help fight off free radicals — the cause of skin stressers and signs of aging. Cocoa butter is also great for helping reduce stretch marks — making this body butter a great gift for your pregnant friends though skip the essential oils in that case. Almond oil is anti-inflammatory and can help soften and smooth scarring.

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Place some water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Sit a bowl over the top of the saucepan of water. You want the steam from the water to melt the butters. Place the cacao butter, mango butter and coconut oil into the bowl and melt down completely. Place the oil mixture in the freezer to chill for 20 minutes. Keep an eye on it and remove it once the mixture start to begin to go slightly solid again and turns a whitish colour. Whip the mixture with a hand beater until it turns a smooth, butter-like consistency.

Place the body butter in a clean glass jar and enjoy! You can also catch her on Pinterest and Instagram. I have both psoriasis on one arm and exema on the other arm, thank you for putting that info about both as I have tried everything on them and for the last year nothing has worked.

Oh, Eva. Good luck trying this one — do let me know how you go. Could I replace coconut oil with black cumin for this recipe? Use a stick blender to bring the oils to trace. Otherwise you will stir till you are old and grey. Your magazine is excellent,and I enjoy it very much, but when I print any of your article the font is too small. I would to see if the font can be made a little bigger for printing. I just made goat milk lotion, and it was great until it soured! Etta Perry: Sorry about the last post not being very clear. I'm asking about the shampoo recipe - do you make it like you would make cold process soap?

Etta Perry; Do you make this like you make cold process soap? I'm new to this so I'm sorry if this is a "newby" question.

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I learned to make soap about 10 years ago. Soon after I learned how to make beer. It's an easy process.

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Well worth the time. And, you know exactly what is in it. I made a shampoo bar several years ago and am looking for my recipe to make it again. My only caution for soap making is working with the lye. It burns the skin and isn't so pleasant in the nose if you stick your head over the pot of lye water. Word of advice It can take a while to cure.

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If you use it too soon, it will still have too much water in it and won't last long. Good luck. And have fun. Hey there all, When I was up visiting a dear friend who was ill in my old stomping grounds of B'ham, Washington, I took beginning and intermediate soap making classes! It was fun, I learned a lot, and found that home made soap is the feline's vocalization! I took two Soap Making classes while visiting my old stomping grounds in B'ham, Washington.

Dearly loved both classes and I look forward to making my first batch of Black Bear and Grizzly Bear soaps. It's fun, economical and undermines the mass produced junk that ruins more skin than helps.

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Cheers from Wyoming. This is the recipe that I have used for shampoo for 2 years. I have not bought shampoo or conditioner in 2 years. I have several people that buy this bar from me. The final product, that soap, contains no lye and is safe to use. Hi Linda, According to Berthold-Bond's book, the deodorant can be stored indefinitely in a glass jar with a screw top - no need to refrigerate it. As for the essential oil, use a few drops per ounce of baking soda.

Is there another way to make soap????????? How many drops of oil do I add to the deodorant recipe? And how long will the recipe last. Should I store it in the fridge once its in a paste form. Or, maybe I could store the dry ingredients and add the oil before applying. You could use a new clean spoon every time and just dab it on. Thanks to everyone for sharing their wonderful recipes!

An easy shampoo recipe. In a spray bottle, mix together one part aloe gel to two parts liquid castile soap. Add a few drops jojoba or olive oil and a few drops essential oils optional. Stir together. Do not shake.

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Then, just spray on wet hair. I use it every time I wash my hair. For more natural beauty products go to www. I am looking for a good shampoo and conditioner recipe.

What's with the waxes?

Where can I purchase the supplies needed to make the homemade lotions? THank you. Wonderful, I am looking forward to trying all these recipes. Thank you so much! I would recommend that anyone learning to make soap read as many books as you can before you attempt to make soap. Especially if you are using milk of any kind. I have made a couple of recipes using goats milk.