Off Limits [Sexy Men of Mystery 5] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

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Where had his life taken such a rough-ass turn? Patrick had been the beginning of his downfall. He knew that much. His ex had Lewis believe in such things as love, happiness, and a home. Had Patrick come to him and told him he wanted out, that he no longer wanted to be in this relationship, Lewis could have handled that better.

The deception was what sent him over the edge. His dad had done the same thing to his mom, cheated on her left and right, and she always forgave him. Lewis watched how a once strong woman became nothing more than a living shell and lost herself inside a bottle until, one day, she killed herself.

Since then he knew control was the only thing that kept him from going insane. Needed it, craved it. Without control, he would have killed his father, would have allowed his life to fall apart all around him. Instead, he finished school, went to college, and pushed himself to be the best damn detective he could be…until Patrick. Lewis hated the hurt he watched his mother endure, and the lies his father had told, until it no longer mattered. His father would just shrug when confronted, and his mother eventually stopped asking. His home was broken.

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  • Downing the whiskey, Lewis refilled his glass, lit another cigarette, and lost himself in the bottom of the amber liquid. Evan had amber eyes. Why did that man get under his skin like no one else he had ever met? All he wanted was to be left alone, to protect his heart. He had done a piss-poor job of that with his last lover. Lewis flicked his cigarette and set his glass down. He stumbled from the balcony, tumbled onto his bed, and fell into an oblivious sleep. A quiet sleep…without parents, betrayal, or amber eyes. The cop was finding solace with liquid demons, and even Gunnar could feel his pain radiating from across the street.

    What the hell was his best friend doing? He knew Evan had always been a brooder, but to push his mate away like this was unacceptable. What drove a man to act this way, to treat the one person meant for him like an enemy instead of the treasure that he was? His job was to sit quietly and make sure no harm came to him for the next seven days. Gunnar laid his head back against the seat. This was going to be a long week. It was pounding out a staccato beat.

    He needed to get ready for work. Popping two aspirin, he showered and tried his best to look presentable. The empty whiskey bottle called to him, begged him to notice it. With a sound of disgust in the back of his throat, Lewis chucked it into the trash can.

    No more. That shit was taking over his life. Grabbing his keys, Lewis headed out to get some lunch. There was a diner in the small town he lived in. It was cozy and quiet. Since coming here six months ago, Lewis had never taken the time to get to know anyone. Being anonymous was perfect right now. It gave him the opportunity to nurse his hangover undisturbed. Lewis sat in a booth eating his lunch.

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    He hoped the day remained boring after the events that had taken place. The sun was out, glaring into the diner window, making him sweat profusely. He asked the waitress to change his booth, away from the stifling rays. It was hot in this place. Lewis downed a few glasses of ice water, trying to cool off.

    Maybe he was getting sick.

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    3. Angels Of Love Dignity of Women;
    4. The Family in Crisis in Late Nineteenth-Century French Fiction (Cambridge Studies in French).
    5. Snowflakes Fall.

    Turning around in his booth, Lewis tossed his arm onto the back of it. He had stayed to the shadows, ever out of sight.