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Joseph interprets their dreams, correctly predicting that the chief cupbearer will be restored to his favored position before Pharaoh and that the chief baker will be executed, all within the next three days. Yet when the cupbearer is released from prison and restored to the court, he completely forgets Joseph How does Joseph process all this injustice? How does it influence and shape his outlook? The answer is clearly seen when Joseph is the chief executive of Egypt and his brothers stand before him He is not a prisoner of his past; he has no thoughts of revenge.

Why and how? Joseph looked behind and beyond the people who trashed him and the injustice of it all to the God arranging these events. And for just this reason he was freed from fixation both on himself and on the pain and injustice that was forced upon him. Joseph believed that all he had experienced was the best path, wisely chosen by a gracious God for good. Joseph maintained his faith that God is God, that God is good, and that God was Lord of his personal history. Victim of injustice? Or precious child of God, for whom God worked it all together for good?

Galatians , 5 — But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law…. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Everything is perfect, beautiful, and right.

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Man and woman are naked and not ashamed, fully in tune with the beautiful world around them, with each other, and with God. Everything is good, very good. And then sin enters. Satan comes, armed only with lies, flattery, and questions about God, His love and truthfulness. Man takes the bait and quits on God, going for the gusto instead, and falls farther than anyone ever could have imagined.

For this one sin, there is a stupendous price to pay. Man, woman, the serpent and the world pass into the dark shadow of the curse. You might think this is the end of the story.

It is not. The Bible does not only have 3 chapters. God begins a cosmic rescue operation. It will be a long story, because it is a big and complicated problem. Man did not take God seriously, so God demonstrates that He is righteous and holy, that He means what He says. And then, at just the right time , when all the preparations are completed and the stage is set, when the fruit is ripened and ready to be picked, when the bride is ready to walk down the aisle, God sends His Son.

He sends His Son to rescue men from their sin and all its tragic and terminal consequences. Only as a man could he be a viable substitute for other men. Yet to save men, the rescuer must be God, for only infinite God could step up to absorb the infinite wrath of God incurred because of human sin.

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And this Rescuer, this Substitute, must keep the law perfectly throughout his human existence or else when He comes to die, He would have to die for his own sin, rather than for the sins of those whom he came to save. So as man he is born under the law rather than over the law, as God himself is.

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The law has requirements upon him Thou shalt, Thou shalt not , but Jesus keeps the commandments, every one, in every way, all the time. Abraham is the father of us all Romans , the model for all who will live by faith Galatians But what does it mean to live by faith? Sometimes faith seems so vague and ethereal, but the life and actions of Abraham give us some clarity and definition. We hear God beginning the conversation in Genesis In other words, Abram is called to leave all that is fondly familiar to go to an unnamed and unknown destination.

God says He is not even going to reveal to Abram where he is headed before he must leave everything behind. This is truly a leap into the unknown, a step of faith. Why go? Not because Abram can do a rational, cost-benefit analysis on the outcome of the choice.

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Just because it is God who is calling him. Four times God says He will bless Abram. God promises to make his posterity develop into an entire nation. God promises to bless Abram personally and to give him a lasting reputation.

God promises that His blessing on Abram will not only have personal, local and national implications, but it will be global in its reach. Blessings indeed!

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What is God calling Abram to do, as He calls him to go from and to go to? God calls Abram to obey him. The call is clear and specific.

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Abram faces a simple choice of whether to obey God or to disobey. Will he go or will he stay? Will he go and obey? You must go in faith, trusting God when you cannot see your way. And the rest is history. Abram is the father of several nations that still exist and prosper today. His name is claimed and revered, even to this present day.

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His spiritual legacy is honored by millions. And through him and his posterity came a Savior who would rescue humanity and reconcile men and women to God. God is still calling today, calling you and I to faith in Him. What is He calling you to leave behind?

Where is He calling you to go? How is He calling you to obey Him? Where is He calling you to trust Him, going where you cannot see? And how is He promising to bless you , if you will just trust and obey Him? Job begins with what is perhaps the most widespread sin that takes men down, sexual sin, and he starts with the launching pad for this sin, our eyes. What our eyes see fuels our thoughts, and what we think upon fuels our desires. The truth Job knows, that what he sees may instantly have an effect upon his heart, is not confined to this Scripture text.

So Job is acutely conscious that what he allows himself to see is not a matter of indifference, an event that has no effect beyond the moment. The risk of igniting his passions is so great that he decisively makes a solemn commitment not to gaze upon a virgin, a young woman.