The First Move: A Negotiators Companion

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This will be passes around to a few other freelancers I know who get taken advantage of all the time! These are really inspiring points on negotiating and I really like them!

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They are really true and especially being confident and using we instead of I sounds a big problem to many negotiators! I happen to be one of the victim and I think it is high time to change! Great stuff! You really hit the nail on the head! I just enjoyed your writing! Otherwise, you will freak out and find yourself blank-headed! It is quite good to trust every decision and points you make to other parties. Thanks a lot for sharing, Look forward to your next piece!

Great write up! I just love the information above. The tips are really inspiring and brilliant especially to most negotiators, they find it difficult when it comes to dealing with a superior negotiator; honestly, I fall under this category and could end up raising a conflict of which sounds unintelligent. It is great that I have known that a better solution is to change the negotiator!

Very smart tip. Another interesting area I found helpful here to to be confident and keeping your mouth shut; I think this are actually workable and could make you hit up the points. I love your site contents so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! So glad I found this article today! The organization is a very large one, which would be a new thing for me, as I usually work with very small biz or even solopreneurs.

All of your tips here are incredibly useful, will print this out and re-read before all client meetings going forward! A quick Google search reveals this instructive video about the Briefcase Technique. But I would never practice 18 and It is tacky to bad mouth other writers. Only the insecure need to do that. Plus, I believe in the principle of sowing and reaping. Some might call it karma. I just started out as a freelance copywriter and your tips are a true goldmine to me.


So if they employer feel comfortable, he will move on. Good morning, Mr Farnworth. What a timely post for me and so well formulated — thank you. For a little while now I have been writing for a number of on and off-line parties and all on a free no sign of the lance! A gentleman recently told me that writing for free is fun until you get paid — which I take as a mild reproof for avoiding the thorny issue of fees.

Armed with a new determination — the lance — having read your guidances and the comments of others , I will now tackle this matter… probably in my own round about way, but I will get there!

The First Move: A Negotiator's Companion

Kind regards, L. No, no, no! Just kidding. Thank you, Mr Farnworth. And now for the feedback. Thank you. Now the reality… I have to deliver.

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  • Why does it suddenly feel like the fun might be waning? Today has truly been — to use your word — awesome. This is the first time I have done anything in relation to pricing, fees and what have you.

    free ePub download The First Move: A Negotiator’s Companion

    OK, finished showing off for tonight. Got to get the carpenters in tomorrow to have the doorways widened…. Latest update, Sonia and Demian. Tried the briefcase tactic today — excellent result. My experience with 8 budget is like that of 4. Guess they really did have a budget in mind. Thanks for the juicy tips.

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    Janey-come-lately here but I gotta just add my two cents anyway. Fabulous post and even better comments. Thanks for sharing all these great tips. Am I the only person who thought many of these were pretty damn unethical? I know what unethical means. Help me understand why you think those negotiation techniques are slimy and manipulative.

    Trying to divide two people at a company is obnoxious. In fact I only do business with other people who do the same. This builds trust and makes me more likely to refer people to them. If someone wants a service provider who is experienced in a specific thing, I think the solution would be to refer them to that service provider rather than to bad-mouth them, which is unprofessional. I prefer to work with people who value integrity, and thus possess it, than people who want a slimy silver-tongued sales deal. I prefer to work with clients who are confident and would not respond to manipulation.

    Nothing is worth that.


    People hire me and pay me well because I do amazing work, not because I somehow con them into it. I love this post Demian and regretted not leaving a comment first time round so had to come back to say thanks.

    Some great tips. I have recently started selling advertising on my travel blog and have been negotiating a lot, always by email. One advertiser even emailed me to say okay, you win before paying the full rate.

    The First Move A Negotiator's Companion - PON - Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

    Now I have gone from feeling bad about asking for high rates to loving it and also enjoying the negotiation process. It feels good. Very good. So to all you fearful negotiators stick with it and stick up for yourself. You really are worth it and those people who see the value in what you offer will pay what you ask.

    Even if they do try to lower the rate to begin with. Great advice, thanks for putting this up. I feel better equipped now to deal with clients! It can be so awkward sometimes. Study after study shows that the negotiated price tends to hover closer to the initial offer. You always want to to make the initial offer. I ALWAYS have a problem when it comes to pricing my work, the one thing I hate is when potential clients contact me and ask me for my prices.

    I would much rather someone name me a price and then I can come back with another offer if I think their offer is not good enough. I totally understand. This is why you got to build value first. If not more.