Theres More Than One Way to Be Okay: A Blind Womans PURRspective on Life

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Grammar Guide Learn everything you need to know about grammar. Improve your grammar. Thanks for writing this. I really hate YruwZB Very informative article.

Thanks Again. Really thank you! This is a thorough list and I love it—but not for the reasons of others. So a smidgen now and then is de rigour in my book. Warmly, Dr. Evan Stark PhD. Wow, what a list. There were quite a few I never heard of before! Now that I know, I can avoid them. Thank you, ProWritingAid.

Thank you so much for sharing these. Thank you so much. It was hard work, but it really helped me weed out cliches that had crept in my manuscript, :. A lot on that list to work with great. Thank you for this! I would also class as cliches overused terms especially in journalism such as 'iconic', 'surreal' and words ending in 'gate' to describe any kind of controversy or scandal. You might comment on the order system of the blog. But not everything can be divided into right or wrong. Resistance to being wrong paralyzes your understanding. Kathryn Schultz , the author of Being Wrong , identified three major assumptions we make to convince ourselves that we are right: Ignorance Assumption: We believe that others are uneducated or lack the information that we have.

If we share our knowledge, they will stop being ignorant. They are not as smart as we are. Evil Assumption: We operate under the premise that others know the truth and know we are right but are distorting it.

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This delusional mindset goes through three different phases. Believing that one is always right is intellectual bullying.

Being wrong has many benefits. Lose an argument on purpose. Concede defeat.

Losing on purpose is liberating. You are more than winning. Support a decision you disagree with. Let someone else make a decision, especially one makes you feel uncomfortable. But rather agree to experiment. Let go of the power of being a manager, a team leader or a parent. When you delegate authority, you also resign to always being right. Adopt the opposite belief as true. Choose one aspect of life that you hold yourself as the absolute truth. It can be politics, religion, sex, education, whatever you hold strong. Now change your belief to the opposite. And for a week or so, experiment seeing the world, the news, and others through a lens that is the opposite of the one you normally apply.

How does it feel? What have you discovered? What were you missing? The purpose is not to change your beliefs but to make sure they are not blinding you either. Prioritize being compassionate over being right. Giving up rightness is not easy. It creates suffering.

The same happens to the other person when you want to win an argument at any cost. Some items in life are not that critical. Being compassionate matters more than being right. Be open to change your mind. Our beliefs and ideas change through time. Give yourself permission to evolve your thoughts.

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Letting go of a right-wrong mentality is not easy. However, being constantly fighting to make your point is strenuous and pointless. Tags In mindset perfectionism right or wrong. Personal growth , Self-Awareness 0. Personal growth , Self-Awareness 2.

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Notify of. We use cookies on our site to give you the best experience possible. Suddenly, I hear someone berating this poor woman for speaking for me. I definitely could have gotten all fired up and shot back at her and say that if I really wanted to sit, I would ask. But I stood quietly trying not to bring any more attention.

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What good would it have done anyway? I really wish I could have made eye contact with the woman who offered me a seat and smile reassuringly at her. You see the other woman, shouting about her rights, has possibly done some damage in how the first woman will now perceive those with disabilities. She will most likely be hesitant to offer assistance again. While I am a very independent and confident woman, there are times I do need help.