Two Minutes to Midnight

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Since — years before Mr. Along with nuclear proliferation and climate change — which first factored into the setting of the clock in — the scientists said they were alarmed by the speed of technological change. They called on world leaders to manage the advances so that the benefits are reaped and the dangers countered. The clock does not lack for critics.

The world is two minutes from doom

For example, some say that warning people of danger actually induces political paralysis. Krauss, a cosmologist at Arizona State University and a member of the board, said in a phone interview on Thursday.

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How to contact the news team. Latest News. Apes may have started to walk on two legs millions of years earlier than thought By Kenneth Mora Nov.

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Universe could loop back on itself, study of ancient light suggests By Adrian Cho Nov. Bulletin President Rachel Bronson told The Washington Post that the scientists felt that keeping the clock at that "daunting time" was appropriate because "the time corresponded to the message we were sending.

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She particularly emphasized that "the intentional undermining of the information architecture for political purposes, which we view as a threat multiplier - makes everything that we're doing more difficult. The clock, a metaphorical measure for the world's proximity to global disaster, advanced 30 seconds last year, to two minutes to "midnight.

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  • Doomsday Clock stalls at two minutes to midnight ― but global threats increase!
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Bronson, the Bulletin president, said the time on the clock right now is the most dangerously close it has been to doom since , when the United States and Soviet Union began testing hydrogen bombs.